Collection: Montauk

The Montauk Collection is inspired by one of the best surf towns in America. Once the last undeveloped segment of Long Island's East End, the hamlet was characterized by wide-open beaches and a scruffy, laid-back atmosphere in small-restaurants and beachfront motels. These relaxed and rustic vibes are reflected in the casual, coastal-cottage style of the Montauk Collection.

The End (of the East End)

Located at the very tip of Long Island's South Fork, the hamlet of Montauk is also part of the city of East Hampton and therefore "The Hamptons". However, Montauk long stood as the last remaining place to escape the posh summer escapades of New York City's ultra-rich. Though ever encroached by development, Montauk still gives a special "untamed" feeling - especially outside the busy summer months. With 6 National Parks and one of the few consistent swells in the East Coast, the casual culture established by fishermen and surfers still prevails for a while longer.

Casual and Flexible by Design

The Montauk Collection uses rough-cut solid wood panels and hand-applied distressing to invoke the loose, unscripted feeling so characteristic of the hamlet. The sturdy construction enabled by the quality of materials recalls a culture with a desire to avoid wasteful, disposable consumption.