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Sustainability at Grain Wood Furniture

If you've browsed our "About Us" page, you might have read about how Grain Wood Furniture values our manufacturing process and sustainability to make sure that we as a company have a net positive impact in the world. For Grain, sustainability begins at the very start of the process...

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The Tidewater Winds and Grain Wood Furniture

The Tidewater Winds is a concert band that performs in our local community, Hampton Roads. Grain Wood Furniture has recently had the pleasure to support the great group and hopes to continue our sponsorship. Grain Wood Furniture has donated to the group in order to support their fantastic mission. The band seeks to promote the musical arts in the local community while bringing quality entertainment and great opportunities to local residents and tourists. The Tidewater Winds make a point to include young musicians on-stage so they can gain experience working in front of an audience and in a professional setting. Many of the concerts are completely free and the group is supported by local donors and businesses. We at Grain...

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Furniture for Humanity

Amongst the many family-owned companies in the Hampton Roads area, Grain Wood Furniture is a company that not only sells furniture but also gives back to our local community. As an environmentally responsible company, we work hard to...

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