Sustainability at Grain Wood Furniture

If you've browsed our "About Us" page, you might have read about how Grain Wood Furniture values our manufacturing process and sustainability to make sure that we as a company have a net positive impact in the world.

For Grain, sustainability begins at the very start of the process. The pine wood comes from over 5 thousand hectares of renewable forest in which trees are planted faster than they are gathered. The forest located in Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil is from the tropical Amazonian forests and features temperate climates. See the bottom of our About Us page to see some beautiful pictures of the forest.

In our factories in Brazil, Grain is happy to see proper treatment of workers and constant checks for quality and safety. Add to this the use of quality materials like glues and paints in the factory and we end up with a product that is not only conscious of the needs of the environment, but also to the needs of the customer.

Products leave factories in Brazil and travel the Atlantic Ocean. They arrive in the port of Norfolk a month later and are trucked to our warehouse nearby in Virginia Beach.

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