Furniture for Humanity

Furniture for Humanity

Amongst the many family-owned companies in the Hampton Roads area, Grain Wood Furniture is a company that not only sells furniture but also gives back to our local community. As an environmentally responsible company, we work hard to protect the environment as well as partner with companies to help them reach our goal.

We here at Grain saw an opportunity to help our local community in a way that is intuitive and rewarding. Often times our customers will return furniture due to minor damages that are easily fixed. Once the furniture is returned to our warehouse it takes up significant space. Fixing the damages ends up taking up resources from other endeavors and discarding the furniture is clearly wasteful. Sometimes we would sell the furniture on Craigslist or give it to friends, but that was not sustainable. Habitat for Humanity came before us at an opportune moment. By donating the returned items that were easily reused, Grain resolved a logistical issue while simultaneously supporting a good cause.

Because Grain is always thinking about sustainability and the health of both local and global communities, Habitat for Humanity matched our ideals well. One aspect of its mission statement stood out to us:
"Support Sustainable and
Transformative Development"

Considerations like community buy-in, education, and long term partnership show that they are aware of their effects and eager to create real changes and improvements.

grain team with habitat team

By partnering up with the Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity we give back to our local community through donations of sustainable designer furniture.

As a partner with the Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity, we have given over $30,000 worth of refurbished furniture within the past year.  The furniture given goes into ReStores, the two retail stores provided by Habitat for Humanity.

“Customers can purchase new and used items from our stores such as furniture (provided by Grain) and building materials,” said Christina Tate, ReStore Donor Relations Manager. “We are working together to protect the environment, to offer affordable furniture to customers in the local community, and to fulfill a shared mission to build communities.”

Christina Tate is “thrilled to partner with Grain Wood Furniture.” We do not plan on stopping our quality furniture donations any time soon.  More so, it is our mission to become Habitat for Humanity’s key partner as we further our donations.  Let's continue to protect the environment one community at a time.  

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