Top 6 Organizational Furniture Pieces

Transforming your living space into a functional and stylish retreat may seem like a daunting task, but National Organize Your Home Day provides the perfect opportunity to take on the challenge. Grain Wood Furniture is here to help make the process seamless and enjoyable.

Thanks to our collaboration with Emily from Spaces by Emily, we've acquired expert advice on staying organized and maximizing your living space. Emily's tips and tricks, such as categorizing items to simplify organization and creating a functional flow, will make even the most cluttered room feel like a breath of fresh air. 

#1: The Greenport 2-Door Wardrobe

Greenport 2-Dorr Wardrobe | Solid Wood in rustic gray

The Greenport 2-Door Wardrobe has ample storage space and a chic design, making this wardrobe perfect for tucking away extra blankets, clothes, or even kid's toys. But that's not all it can do. Emily suggests using a few added magazine files and cord bins to transform the Greenport 2-Door Wardrobe into mini office or technology station, allowing you to keep all of your important devices and documents within reach but completely out of sight. Magazine files used in the wardrobe are perfect for stand up documents that need to be stored safely. Cord bins can be labeled to help with quick access and clean up. 

#2: The Shaker 2-Door Wardrobe

Shaker style Wardrobe | Dark brown solid wood 2-door wardrobe

If you're drawn to more classic looks, the Shaker 2-door Wardrobe may be the perfect storage furniture solution for you. It offers similar functionality with a traditional twist. With Emily's organization tips on using cord bins and magazine files, you can easily categorize your items and keep things organized. This wardrobe is not only functional but also stylish, making it a great addition to any home. Its sleek design will fit in seamlessly with any decor style. 

#3: The Montauk Desk

Walnut Montauk Desk in solid wood

Next up, we have the Montauk Desk, perfect for upgrading your junk drawer into an organized and stylish space. We all have a "junk drawer" in our homes, and it's probably impossible to keep it neat and organized. But with the Montauk Desk, you can create a designated space for your junk and transform it into an organized hub for office supplies, keys, and other odds and ends.

With proper organizational tools, it is easy to maintain an orderly environment. Emily recommends using drawer organizers to easily keep a system of organization within your junk drawer and adding desk tray on top of the desk for items that are used frequently. This will allow you to quickly grab them and go!

#4: The Montauk 6-Drawer Dresser

Driftwood solid wood 6 Drawer Dresser

The Montauk 6 Drawer Dresser is a great storage furniture solution to declutter your bedroom. Use Emily's proposed file folding technique, which involves folding clothes into thirds and then filing them vertically into a drawer. This method eliminates the need for folding and stacking, creating more space in your drawers. Additionally, adding dividers to your drawers allows you to keep items organized and easy to find. Be sure to categorize by item type so you have designated drawers!

#5: The Loft 5-Drawer Chest

White 5-drawer chest made from solid wood

Let's not forget about the Loft 5 Drawer Chest - it may be compact in size, but file folding can work its magic here too! Especially in a contemporary, casual, and sophisticated setting, having a more minimalistic and organized approach to your dresser can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom.

#6: Shaker 3-Door Wardrobe

Shaker style 3-door wardrobe made from solid wood

The Shaker 3 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe is the ideal storage solution for anyone looking to upgrade their living space with some organizational furniture. Made from solid wood, this expertly crafted wardrobe not only brings a touch of contemporary sophistication to any room, but provides ample space for your belongings. Emily shows us how to reorganize shelves, shoes, and hamper placement.

Apply these organizational tips to the wardrobe and make it perfect to use as a laundry station. Whether you want to keep your work attire separated from your casual wear or need to store linens and bedding, this wardrobe offers plenty of additional storage space and added wardrobe shelves to help keep everything in its place. With its clean lines and sleek design, it's sure to become a standout piece in any home.