Wood Furniture Care Guide

Solid wood furniture can last countless years if properly cared for so we've compiled some tips that will help extend the life your furniture.


General Care:

  • Avoid placing under direct sun light, to prevent UV damage.
  • Avoid positioning very close to heaters or AC vents.
  • Always use hot pads when placing warm serving dishes on your furniture.
  • Very hot items such as a sauce pan or baking dish should never be placed on a tabletop, even with a hot pad.
  • Use place mats to help protect the finish from dishes and silverware.
  • Use coasters to help protect your furniture from moisture.
  • We recommend you tape any extra parts and assembly hardware to the top inside of a drawer for discrete long-term storage should you need to replace a damaged part or disassemble your furniture.
  • Furniture is not suitable for outdoor use.


  • Use a cloth dampened with water or furniture polish.
  • Follow the pattern of the wood grain.
  • Do NOT use solvents such as alcohol for cleaning.

Fixing Damage:

  • For minor scratches and blemishes a common wax crayon can be used to fill the damaged area. Common wood colors are sold at hardware stores, but almost any crayon brand (including Crayola) can work in a pinch. How to fix surface scratches video