At Grain Wood Furniture, we aim to make solid wood furniture available for as many Americans as possible. We’ve developed our products to sell at great value using modern techniques and constantly improving our online sales process. One approach we use to create high-quality products out of solid pine wood is using blockboard. Learn what blockboard is and its benefits below.

What is Blockboard?

Simply put, blockboard is a type of wood board in which solid wood edge-glued panels are sandwiched between thin (in our case ⅛ inch) layers of wood called wood veneer.

Blockboard Cross-SectionEdge-Glued Panel Cross-Section

Is it just Veneer?

No. Though blockboard uses veneer layers, the function and quality of blockboard differ significantly from what is typically associated with veneer. Often used by cheap composite wood furniture manufacturers, veneers can be used to save costs by decorating the low-quality MDF or particle board underneath. In the case of our blockboard construction, both the material beneath the veneer and the 2-layer veneer itself are high-quality materials with complementing functions in creating a top-quality product.

Why do you use Blockboard?

Since it costs about 30% more than edge-glued panels, we use blockboard only when it improves our product. There are 2 main use cases:

  1. For a smooth, modern finish on products like those in the Mid Century Collection.
  2. For stability in large panels like headboards and top panels that could otherwise split, crack, or warp.

Additionally, you still get the benefits in durability and care that you expect from solid wood panels. Keep reading to learn how to care for and refinish our products.

Which Pieces are Blockboard?

We use blockboard on large panels, like top panels, and most panels on products with smooth finishes like those in the Mid Century Collection. For rustic finishes, like in the Montauk Collection, only larger panels in the dressers use blockboard. Instead, these products use edge-glued panels to create a more interesting variability in texture and color. Products that use blockboard panels will include a feature bullet linking to this page.

Care and Refinishing

All items should be cared for according to our care guide, no matter the type of construction.

Refinishing is possible for blockboard as well as edge-glued panels. Only light sanding should be applied to blockboard to avoid damaging the veneer surface.