Collection: Cascais

Inspired by the charming coastal resort town on the Portuguese Riviera, the Cascais collection uses an innovative platform to allow you to customize your dining set. Wealthy residents, local teens, and tourists from around the globe all find something to enjoy in this coastal escape from bustling Lisbon.

Farmhouse meets Euro

Much of Portugal has a dry, sparse landscape with scattered mountain ranges where lush forests grow. With pleasant weather nearly year-round, many homes in its historic small towns welcome the refreshing sea breeze with a seamless combination of relaxed and rustic charm with a modern sensibility and sturdy feel.

The Cascais collection draws from this style. Understated designs allow the material and finish to shine. With plenty of material and sturdy legs to stand on, the table will impress the discerning eye.

Make it Your Own

The Cascais collection is the culmination of years of work and experience in furniture design and manufacturing. Inspired by the town’s history of change, from prehistoric fishing village to Roman, then Arab rule, and now a world-class tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike. In honor of this heritage of adaptability, we’ve developed a unique platform that allows for interchanging bases. You can make dozens of combinations and easily replace bases or tops.