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Creative Ways to Use Benches in your Home

If there’s one special thing about humans, it’s that our creativity is never in short supply. People can take a product and completely take it in a different direction from its original intended purpose. At Grain Wood, we have loved seeing how our customers have used their creativity for our furniture items, highlighting the endless possibilities of accentuating a room with our timeless pieces. We want to pay homage to the creative ways we’ve seen our customers use decorate our benches, as well as share some of our own creative takes and inspiration for ways to use a bench in your home. At Grain Wood, our benches are made of 100% solid wood, incredibly comfortable, and beautifully chic pieces to...

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The Spring Lookbook

After a chilly winter season, there's nothing better than bringing some levity back into the home. Explore our Spring Lookbook: the same quality furniture you know and love, but refreshed to fit in with the new season.

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