Celebrate Women's Day with Grain Wood Furniture

Happy Women's Day!

Beneath every piece of furniture we offer, there’s a narrative of meticulous prowess and dedication, brought to life by the women who've surmounted stoic traditions.This International Women's Day, we at Grain Wood Furniture are casting a spotlight on the wonder women who are the heartbeat of our craftsmanship. Each piece of furniture echoes their stories, infused with unwavering strength, grace, and ingenuity.

Meet Dani, whose precision and dedication to detail transformed her from a path in food engineering to mastering the craft of furniture. Picture Claudete, defying the odds in a male-dominated workshop, her creativity fueling innovations that weave elegance into every prodct. Envision Tere, who was once an outsider to the industry. Learn about Aline, who is a both a proud mother and hardworker. Their journeys, strewn with grit and grace, have helped shaped the soul of our brand. Each knot in the wood tells their story—a narrative of obstacles artfully overcome and a love for craft deeply carved. Which of these women's stories resonates with you?

The Backbone of Our Operation: A Look at the Women Crafting Your Furniture

Grain Wood Furniture | Celebrating Women's Day with Claudete

Meet Claudete

Step into the sawdust-scented sanctuary of Claudette's world, where artisanal ambition meets the roar of the factory line. In the heartbeat of a male-dominated industry, she carves her legacy with unflinching grace and steely resolve. Claudete explains what it is like to work in a male dominiated industry and the challenges that come along with it. "You have to assert yourself to men, not be so delicate. You have to talk a little more firmly too", she explains.

Claudete gives the advice "Don't be afraid to work in a market that is dominated by men". She makes a wonderful point -- which is that women can bring valuabel skills to the table, such as attention to detail. 

Grain Wood Furniture | Celebrating Women's Day with Dani

Meet Dani

Step into the meticulously managed world of Dani, our esteemed quality supervisor, who has seamlessly transitioned from a background as diverse as food engineering to mastering the meticulous craft of furniture.

Dani explains that she has fallen in love with the furniture industry after working at Grain Wood. Dani says "The woman is dominiating, and we have been proving it. We have the capacity to do any type of function". 

Grain Wood Furniture | Celebrating Women's Day with Tere

Meet Tere

Meet Tere, our work safety technician.  Once an outsider to the industry, she's woven her passion and precision into every thread of our operations. Tere transformed skepticism into respect, demonstrating the immeasurable value of diversity on our team.

With an eagle eye for detail and a knack for perfection, Tere exemplifies how the keen insights and touch of women in the workforce bring a tapestry of talent to the table.

Grain Wood Furniture | Celebrating Women's Day with Aline

Meet Aline

Join us in applauding Aline, a creative force at Grainwood Furniture who seamlessly bridges her roles as a nurturing mother and a dedicated artisan. Her journey stands as a testament to the limitless potential of women, proving that when it comes to weaving the fabric of family life with the threads of professional ambition, nothing is impossible.

Aline offers wise words behind being a women in a male dominated industry -- "We are only a little afraid, but after being in the middle of the business, it goes away".