2024 Summer Lookbook

The Summer Lakehouse

To recreate the enduring allure of a summer lakehouse, it's vital to accentuate the natural beauty of the surroundings. The philosophy behind the design must be one with nature, integrating elements that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also echo the tranquility of lakeside living. The Shaker Collection strikes this harmonious note with its clean lines and unadorned simplicity, marrying the sturdiness of solid wood with a flexible design language, reflecting the summer light with a loving nod to the warmth of the season.


Pair your walnut shaker collection with lightweight fabrics and natural textures. Add pops of color reminiscent of the lake's spectrum. Lush, warm neutrals or calming pastels can paint your rooms with the hues of summer's sunset, while accents like driftwood and jute subtly underline the coastal charm.

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Greenport solid wood 2-door wardrobe in brushed walnut brown
Shaker solid wood 6-drawer dresser in Expresso brown

Dark wood finishes have a unique way of adding depth and warmth to any summer setting, challenging the traditional notion that lighter woods are for warmer seasons. Our Greenport collection, with its Brushed Walnut finish, exudes a rich, inviting warmth that complements the vibrant, sunlit days of summer perfectly.

Similarly, the Shaker collection in Expresso offers a deep, luxurious hue that anchors the light, airy aesthetic of a summer lakehouse, creating a balanced and harmonious look.

Elevate Your Dining Space with the Valerie Table and Bench

During the summer, the simple act of dining becomes an occasion. From early morning breakfasts with the sun rising over the water, to afternoon barbecues with family gathered 'round, to candlelit dinners accompanied by the gentle lapping of the waves—each event is enhanced by the natural beauty of your dining table.

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Layering with Textiles and Tableware

The art of setting a table is as much about the accessories you choose as the table itself. With the Driftwood Valerie table and bench, the possibilities are as vast as the lake outside your door. Consider textiles in soft, beachy hues—linens and cottons that echo the colors of sand, sky, and water.

Valerie Dining Table in Driftwood
Valerie Dining Table in Driftwood
Valerie Dining Table in Driftwood

The Coastal Bungalow

The Coastal Bungalow aesthetic reflects the relaxed, sun-kissed feel of a beachside bungalow, where the breeze is light, and the surroundings are infused with the colors of the sea and sky. Think natural textures, weathered wood, and palettes inspired by sand, surf, and straw.

Cena 13_Driftwood_Branco Escovado -- closeup.webp__PID:2787761b-5ce2-4fb5-89a7-4014da352c4c

The color white symbolizes purity, peace, and tranquility. What sets brushed white apart is its versatility — it’s a neutral canvas that harmonizes with various decor themes, but it’s especially enchanting in a coastal context.

Cena 13_Driftwood_Branco Escovado -- dresser.webp__PID:761b5ce2-7fb5-49a7-8014-da352c4c7461
Cena 13_Driftwood_Branco Escovado -- decor.webp__PID:87761b5c-e27f-4549-a740-14da352c4c74

To fully appreciate the coastal bungalow feel, integrate the brushed white Greenport collection with complementary beachy hues. Soft blues, watery greens, sandy beiges, and coral accents infuse a room with the palette of a seascape, mirroring the elements of sky, sun, and shimmery shorelines.

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Driftwood Finish: A Coastal Tale Told in Wood

The appeal of the driftwood finish lies in its ability to encapsulate the raw beauty of nature. The finish mimics the weathered tones found on wood that has been washed ashore, bleached by the sun and salt. This creates a unique texture and faded tone that is rich with character, instantly conjuring images of the ocean’s artistry.

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The Eclectic Getaway

Living in the city during the summer can offer an unexpected retreat, transforming the bustling urban environment into a unique getaway. Amid the concrete jungle, our Loft Collection serves as the perfect urban oasis. Try this bedroom set in Acacia or Weathered Pine for the perfect natural look. 

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LF_bedroom89_lifestyle5 1 (1).webp__PID:c5fb084f-40e0-4a48-bd69-c66780ac3d7a
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Sneak Peak: New Edition to our Cascais Collection 


This summer, our Cascais collection will introduce an exciting new edition. We're thrilled to offer a sneak peek into a fresh design that promises to redefine elegance in your living space—our Cascias Round Table. Stay connected with us through our emails and social media platforms for more details on customization options, pricing, and availability.

Coming Soon: A New Color to our Best Selling Shaker Collection


Our best selling Shaker collection is set to welcome a delightful addition this summer – a brand-new color that encapsulates simplicity and elegance. We're thrilled to offer a sneak peek of the upcoming Natural color, an option that brings a serene and earthy ambiance into any space.