2024 Spring Lookbook

When the snow melts, where do you want to be? 


As the winter season comes to a close, it's time to start thinking about where you want to be when the snow melts. Whether you prefer the serene countryside, the bustling city, or the relaxing beach, Grainwood Furniture's Spring Lookbook for 2024 has you covered. Our collections of solid wood furniture for spring will refresh your home with the most popular trends while still maintaining a classic and timeless look. The contemporary, casual, and sophisticated tone of our furniture will give your home the upgrade it deserves.

By the Ocean

Light solid wood dining table with bench
Untitled design.webp__PID:ab41417a-6ccb-49f1-b7f5-52a9eb62a20c
Spring inspired Solid wood dining table

Going into the new season, let us embrace the change with open arms and a fresh perspective. Our Cascais Table and bench, crafted from solid wood, offer a subtle nod to the warmth and beauty of beachside Cascais, Portugal. The Blonde oak color brings an element of lightness and airy sophistication to any dining room, making it the perfect addition for furniture that complements the spring season. 

Spring inspired Solid wood dining table
Spring inspired Solid wood bench

Looking for something a bit more unique? Not a problem. We offer customization options for both the top and base colors of the table and bench, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your personal style perfectly. We also offer three different leg styles to make this dining set uniquely yours. 

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Customizable solid wood dining table with bench
Beach 2 (1).webp__PID:6516fed0-a5a3-4136-a4cf-0a3221bfa6de

To make the most of your coastal retreat, you need the perfect furniture that not only looks contemporary and sophisticated but is also comfortable and inviting. Add a touch of softness to your beachside sanctuary. These stylish furniture pieces will allow you to unwind in comfort and style while exuding a casual and chic vibe.

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Spring table setting
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Cena 13_Driftwood_Branco Escovado -- dresser.webp__PID:761b5ce2-7fb5-49a7-8014-da352c4c7461
Cena 13_Driftwood_Branco Escovado -- decor.webp__PID:87761b5c-e27f-4549-a740-14da352c4c74

Spring into sophistication with our brushed white Greenport collection, the quintessential complement to your breezy beachside retreat. Crafted with contemporary flair, each piece whispers tales of tranquil shores and soft, billowing dunes. Embrace the season's renewal by refreshing your space; let our exquisite, design-forward furnishings anchor your home in effortless elegance. This spring, revel in the blissful intersection of modernity and coastal charm.

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In the City

Upgrade your city skyline abode with our Mid Century and Loft collections this spring. Our Mid Century Spindle and Cane beds will add a touch of sophistication to any bedroom. Not only are they classic and timeless, but they're also on-trend and high in demand. Our furniture is the perfect way to freshen up your space this season, giving it a contemporary yet casual feel.

Spring -- NYC.webp__PID:21d54e6e-bb8a-49ce-8f3f-d4312b7aa597
Spring solid wood mid century desser
Spring mid century cane bed
Spring solid wood mid century spindle bed
Spring solid wood mid century nightstand

Nothing quite screams "sophisticated" like the rich deep hue of our brushed walnut wood. The understated elegance of this solid wood is the perfect complement to a mid-century aesthetic. In addition to our sleek and modern designs, we also offer our Loft Collection in the colors Acacia and Weathered pine to add a touch of earthy sophistication to your space. These pieces are perfect for those who want to bring a touch of the outdoors in, or for those who simply appreciate the beauty and durability of solid wood furniture.

loft solid wood chest
Solid wood weathered pine close up
Loft solid wood bedroom set
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In the Country Side

solid wood desk
dark wood bedside bench
solid wood dark wood dining table

As the flowers begin to bloom and the temperatures rise, it's time to swap out the heavy winter decor for something light and airy. If you're lucky enough to have a cottage in the countryside, you know that there's nothing better than embracing the rustic charm of your surroundings. This spring, elevate your space with solid wood furniture that's both cozy and contemporary.

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Step up your organizational game and breathe new life into your abode with a wardrobe that transcends traditional clothing storage. Our versatile wardrobes, as chic as they are functional, can effortlessly morph into a charming cache for children's playthings—imagine a delightful trove where storybooks, teddy bears, and treasured toys dwell in harmony.

Solid wood Greenport Wardrobe
Close up of solidwood wardrobe
close up of solid wood wardrobe

Add a Touch of Warmth

While some people might opt for a complete overhaul of their home decor, others prefer to make small changes that still have a big impact. If you fall into the latter camp, consider introducing warm, rich hues of solid wood furniture to your space. Whether you're looking for a sleek, contemporary finish or a more casual and laid-back vibe, there's a wood finish out there that will suit your style.

spring decor
solid wood spring bedroom set
solid wood dining table with spring decor
solid wood dining table with spring decor
driftwood solid wood bedroom set | spring decor
driftwood solid wood dresser | spring decor
Floral Spring Decor

Classic Dark Wood 

Bring a touch of sophistication and class to your home with our range of solid wood furniture in various shades of dark wood. Our timeless pieces are designed to bring a sense of elegance and refinement to your decor, while the deep hues of the wood create an ambience that is both warm and inviting.

Dark wood solid wood bedroom set
Dark solid wood
Solid wood spindle bed headboard

Incorporating a Natural Look

As we bid farewell to the cool winter season, we welcome the refreshing vibe of spring. With nature in full bloom and birds chirping in the distance, what better way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home than by incorporating solid wood furniture into your decor? Natural color wood and driftwood pieces add a contemporary, yet sophisticated element to any space. Not only does incorporating these beautiful, organic materials create a harmonious connection to the great outdoors, but they also bring a sense of warmth and texture to your interiors.

Natural wood solid wood dresser
Spring -- Earthy .webp__PID:8792a209-597f-4ced-8502-c40caa3a217c
Natural wood solid wood chest