Product Information

Care Guides

Solid wood furniture is built to stand the test of time, but a little TLC goes a long way! Here are some handy tips to keep your furniture looking its best:

General Care:

  • Shield from the Sun: Avoid direct sunlight to prevent UV damage.
  • Mind the Heat: Keep a safe distance from heaters and AC vents.
  • Use Protection: Always use hot pads for warm dishes and coasters for drinks.
  • Place Mats: Help protect the finish from scratches caused by dishes and silverware.
  • Moisture Defense: Coasters also help guard against moisture damage.
  • Spare Parts: Keep extra assembly hardware tucked away inside a drawer for easy access.
  • Indoor Only: Remember, our furniture is strictly for indoor use.


  • Gentle Clean: Use a damp cloth or furniture polish, following the wood grain.
  • Skip the Solvents: Avoid harsh solvents like alcohol when cleaning.

 Fixing Damage:

  • Minor Scratches: For small scratches, try filling them in with a wax crayon matching your wood color. You can find common wood colors at hardware stores, but any brand of crayon can do the trick. Check out our handy video guide on fixing surface scratches!
  • Larger damages- reach out to us for replacement parts!

With these tips, your solid wood furniture will be ready to stand the test of time – and look great doing it!

Accuracy of our photos

While we do our best to showcase the finish, color, and texture of our products, there are some factors that may create variation.

Monitor or Printer Settings: Your display settings might give our images a little twist, so they could look slightly different on your screen or printout.

Let There Be Light: The lighting in your room can play tricks on color perception.  Our photos are taken in a typical home lighting setting, but if you’ve got fluorescent lights, expect a blue hue, while incandescent bulbs might add some warm yellows or reds.

Nature’s Touch: Mother Nature doesn’t do duplicates! Each piece of solid wood comes with its own quirks and charm- variations in density, tone, grain and knots.  So, while we aim for consistency, your piece might have its own special flair.

Wood Samples

Unfortunately, we don't offer wood samples. The best way to truly get a feel for the finish of our products is by checking out all the available images, including customer-submitted photos and images of other items in the collection with the same finish. Don’t forget to envision the item in your own space and factor in lighting and existing furnishings.  These factors can truly influence how the piece will appear.

Weight Capacity

While our furniture is built for standard residential use, it’s not tested for maximum weight capacity. As such, we’re not able to offer recommended weight capacities.