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The Spring Lookbook

March 13, 2023

Weathered beauty is less of an idea and more of a process. ‘Weathering’ means to be worn down due to the elements – a wear and tear that shows beauty through resilience. Weathered beauty is the result of a brutal winter. It reminds us of another life associated with the country, toiling-in and living-off the land. As springtime comes and the days become longer, we witness the delicate beauty of what was once rough and hard. A simple, rustic charm is the hallmark of this aesthetic. We see a resurgence of patterns, colors, and delicate textures where things were bare and cold before.

Presenting our 2023 Spring Lookbook

Take a look at our two Spring designs that are sure to reflect the charm of weathering and beautiful resilience in our textured and solid wood furniture.

Rustic and Refined

Your tablescape doesn’t have to be boring. Bring a rustic and chic design through a centerpiece of spring florals and elegant table settings. White azaleas or peonies are an oft turned to pick. Want to add color? We recommend tulips, a flower so tied with spring that the entire county of Holland hosts a yearly festival dedicated to them.

Storage Solutions

Get that 'Spring cleaning' fever? Don't forget to Spring clean your closet! Store your winter clothes and break out the warm weather clothing. There's no better feeling than opening your closet (or wardrobe!) to an organized display of all your favorite clothes. 

Get the wardrobe of your dreams that will last you for many seasons to come. We're happy to offer a wide variety of solid-wood wardrobes to fit your style. Optimize your storage by adding some optional shelves, or gain the ultimate space from a 3-door armoire.


The Loft Collection


Weathered Pine

Salvaged Perfection

The pieces in our Loft Collection feature a beautiful distressed design that subtly imitates exposure to the elements. But don’t be fooled! The Loft Collection is incredibly sturdy due to its solid pine wood construction. You will find the quality of these pieces will make them last a long time, and our high-quality support backs them if they don’t.

Put together a salvaged look by pairing it with varied décor to create more of a “found" look than a curated one. Embrace a more maximalist style - combine different textures, patterns, shapes, etc. Stack extra pillows - fringed, large, rounded. Consider wallpaper or other wall art elements.