Shaker 2-Door Wardrobe rated as "Best Traditional" by The Spruce

We are always happy to hear when independent reviewers rate our products well. We have previously seen our Montauk 2-Drawer Nightstand and Montauk Solid Wood Bed featured on The Spruce “best" lists. We are excited to hear that our Shaker 2-Door Wardrobe is featured in The Spruce’s list of The 13 Best Bedroom Wardrobes of 2023 as the best traditional. We always appreciate the recognition!

The Spruce review screenshot

We appreciate hearing both positive and constructive feedback from their reviewers. We now provide additional support for replacement parts, including offering parts for sale to extend our product’s lifespan. Of course, we continue to replace parts damaged during shipping or with manufacturing defects at no cost.

In conclusion, we wanted to send a final thanks to The Spruce team for the recognition. We’ll keep working hard to impress you and our customers!
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