Fall Lookbook 2022

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The Fall Lookbook

November 3, 2022

With the days getting shorter and the crisp, cold air taking over, our homes become our havens for warmth and security. Explore the Fall Lookbook: the perfect furniture to bring comfort and familiarity into your home in this season of fellowship.

A Moment of Gratitude

The warm undertones of a barnwood finish work well to give your home a welcoming feeling as you gather with loved ones.

Stylish and Familiar

The classic, minimalist look of Shaker furniture opens the possibilities to style a space that reflects you. Lighter colors are even more vibrant against the dark solid-wood expresso.   

Lived-in and Loved

Create a thoughtful space by switching in seasonal décor. This adds a touch of brightness as daylight wanes. The brand new Montauk Farmhouse Black collection with copper-colored handles provides your bedroom a chic, rustic look.