The Ultimate Back to School Furniture Guide

As the back-to-school season rolls around, it's the perfect time to give your child's room a refresh. Whether they're just starting elementary school, entering the preteen phase, or heading off to college, creating a space that supports their growth, creativity, and comfort is essential.

Back to School Bedroom Refresh for Elementary Kids


1. Embrace a New Big Kid Bed

One of the most significant changes you can make in an elementary child's room is upgrading to a new big kid bed. Opt for a sturdy, solid wood bed that not only promises longevity but also adds a touch of elegance to their space.

2. Smart Storage Solutions

Kids at this age accumulate many toys, books, and school supplies. Incorporate practical storage solutions like a wardrobe which can double as toy storage, keeping playthings organized and easily accessible.

3.Personal Touches

Let your child express their personality by adding personal touches to their room. Wall decals, posters of their favorite characters, and artwork can make the space feel uniquely theirs. 

Back to School Bedroom Refresh for Preteens


1. Modern Furniture Upgrades

Preteens taste and needs evolve. Transition to modern furniture pieces that cater to their changing preferences. Solid wood furniture remains a great choice for its durability and timeless appeal. 

2. Ample Storage

Preteens often have a growing collection of clothes, accessories, and hobbies. Optimize storage with multifunctional furniture like dressers and spacious wardrobes. 

3. Thoughtful Organization

Help your preteen stay organized with thoughtful solutions like closet organizers, drawer dividers, and storage cubes. Encourage them to keep their space tidy by providing dedicated spots for everything, including school supplies, electronics, and personal items.

Back to School for College Students with Dorms or Apartments


1. Study-Friendly Environment

Creating a study-friendly environment is crucial for college students. Desk organizers and a bulletin board can help keep assignments and schedules in check. 

2A Sophisticated Touch

College students want their space to reflect their newfound independence. Investing in quality, solid wood furniture offers durability and a timeless look that can adapt to different styles over the years. These pieces can be used in a first apartment and transitioned into a first home in the years to come.

3. Neutral Color Palettes

Soft, neutral tones create a calming atmosphere that's perfect for studying and unwinding. Add personal touches like framed photos, art pieces, and plants to make the space feel like home.

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